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War of the Eagles
Eric Walters.

This book is about a boy who has to make a crushing decision: help his Japanese friend, or get arrested to help a so called "Alien".

Chapters 1-6

Our story begins with Jed out in the woods hunting some game and all is silent until he steps on a twig. It startles the little rabbit but he didn't scare it off. Jed took the shot. It was a direct hit into the stomach. It was a good kill because his grandmother will make dinner with it. Jed got his crack shot from his father who is over seas right now teaching people to fly Spitfires. When Jed gets home he is greeted by his Grandmother who happily takes the carcass. Jed asked when his mother would get home because she had been working at the local army camp cooking for the soldiers. The next day Jed meets up with his friend Tadashi to walk to school. Their school is not very big; it consists of a small broken swing set, a very small base ball diamond, and of course the old wooden school. After school that day Jed and Tadashi went back to Jed's grandmother house to ask if they could go into the woods to look at the soldiers. As they get there Jed remembers a funny story about how the soldiers got a jeep stuck in a puddle and when another jeep came to free the first one it got stuck. Later Jed is caught by the soldiers and he is sent home. The Next day Jed finds out that his mom has to work another 4 days a week (2 days off). Later Jed goes off on his own too try and find his mother. When he reaches the camp he is almost shot by a soldier and he is sent to the Majors 's office to have a talk. After a while Jed's mom gets called in and they make an agreement so Jed can work there with his mom and get paid 25 cents for every kill he brings to the camp for food.


Chapters 7-13
+~New Character~+
Smitty ( one of the soldiers who helps Jed)

In chapter seven it talks about what life is like for Jed when he is at the base and when Tadashi gets a job there it makes Jed happy. Major Brown the commander of the base becomes friends with Jed and over a while Jed becomes Brown's little adviser. The next day Jed and Smitty have orders to go to the pier to get supplies for the camp. Just as they are about to leave the camp they are greeted by 2 MP's: Rylance and Murdock (Military police). They are people who help the police with major fights in Prince Rupert. Rylance wanted to be dropped off at Main Street. After they were dropped off Jed and Smitty kept on driving to the pier. When they got to the pier they were greeted by a small old man named Bart who helped the boys load up. By the time they were done it was 11:30 pm. While they were driving back the saw what look like a war zone inside of the local bar. Seconds later Rylance came out with fifteen men lined up. Murdock was at the end, grabbing the other soldiers shirt. The men were pushed into the back of Jed's truck and told if they talked the would do more work at the base when they get back.

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