I'm reading the book, LBD, It's a girl thing. :P So far it seems to be a pretty good book, and I like it cuz its very girly, just like me!! :D There are 3 main girls who live in a little town in England, and are in the "posse" of LBD. They are Veronica, AKA "Ronnie," Fleur, and Claudette. They are all popular, and love to be the centre of attention. So far, they wanted to go to something called the Astlebury Music Festival, mainly to find some hot "Lads." It's an overnight camping thing, where you sleep in a tent and listen to the music as you fall asleep. But all of their parents said no, and that it is far too dangerous. I hypothesise that they will try and find a way to sneak into going to the Festival, and maybe meet some hotties, but in the long run will be in big trouble… :P

Response # 2….
So far what has happened is that Ronnie, (the main character) is still being forbidden to go to the Astlebury Music Festival, mainly because there is a lot of weird people down there, but also because her parents got into a big fight, so that isn't really helping anything either..
As well, Ronnie got a text from one of her friends saying that her dad is talking to Joni (THE HOTTEST BOY ON THE UNIVERSE) and the person that Ronnie has a huge crush on. So Ronnie goes as fast as she can to try and find Joni and her Dad, but that doesn't really help because her Dad just embaresses Ronnie even more, by making her feel like a baby. Ronnie is not having the best days, and has too many things on her shoulders.. We shall see what happens next….

Well done so far! Sounds like a Soap Opera ;P (FM)

amandaa!!! looks like a good book : )

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Response # 3 :
So, in the next few chapters of the book, there was a huge school meeting that complained about all the bad things about their school. And the worst part was that The Blackwell End of School Summer Party has been cancelled due to outrageous behaviour, and now the LBD's are ready to find a way to keep the Summer party, and make it the best hit ever! Also, my first hypothesis was right, and the LBD's are ready to find whatever way they can to sneak to the Astlebury Music Festival. So far this book is very entertaining! :)

Response # 4:
So in the next part of the book, Ronnie and her girls are mad that they can't go to that Music Festival. So, in order to change that, they decided to talk to their principal about having a school talent show. The music teacher said he will think about it, and soon the LBD's plan is in action. What do the LBD's need to do to have the best music festival ever? And how are they going to do it all before the end of the school year …. We will have to find out… ;) MUHAHAHA ! :P

Respone # 5:
This book has been very intrigueing so far! :P Ronnie and her crush have finally talked, but Ronnie has made a total fool out of herself, and her crush doesn't even want to talk to her. Also, Ronnie's parents still aren't talking to her, and in the middle of the night Ronnie can hear them yelling at each other. Ronnie is getting worried and is having nightmares of her parents getting divorced. In the meantime, Claude and Fleur are desperately begging the Blackwell school principal and Music teacher to make the Talent show… I hope that everything turns out okay, because Ronnie seems like a genuinely nice person, someone I would probably be friends with! :D

Response # 6:
Right now, the LBD posse is having a little disagreement right now, because they can't decide how to approach the music teacher yet… Hopefully that will get resorted out soon. Also, Ronnie is flunking Science and Math, and not because shes not good at it, but because she just isnt paying attention.. Her parents are getting very mad at her for that. Speaking of Ronnie's parents, they still haven't been talking to over a week, and Ronnie is getting really worried… She is thinking of going to some councilling of some sort because that may be part of the reason shes not paying attention in class..

Response # 7:
This book is turning out to be very intrigueing, where it leaves you hanging, and you want to read more. The LBD posse are friends again, (for now) but Ronnie still is worried, because her parents are STILL fighting. Even though her friends say it's going to be okay, and that they will make up in no time, I still think that this might be something very serious. I hope not though. Also, Blackwell school is laying down the laws, and is being pretty strict with the girls. The school principal said he will think about the dance, and that he will let them know in a few days. Lets see what happens next.

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