I am reading THE NEW PROPHECY WARRIORS: Starlight.

1. Into the Wild

2. Fire and Ice

3. Forest of Secrets

4. Rising Storm

5. A Dangerous Path

6. The Darkest Hour

Warriors: The New Prophency:

1. Midnight

2. Moonrise

3. Dawn

4. Starlight

5. Twilight (not the real book twilight with the movie and stuff. its the warriors!!!!)

6. Sunset

Warriors: Power of Three

1. The Sight

2. Dark River

3. Outcast

4. Eclipse

5. Long Shaddows

6. Sunrise

The main characters are Firestar from Thunderclan, Blackstar from the Shadowclan, Tallstar from the Windclan, and Leopardstar from the Riverclan. These characters are the leaders representing their clans. In my book, the all the clans are in danger because the two-legs(Humans) are destroying their home cutting down their trees. So all tghe clanbs are having a journey to find a new home. When they finally found thier new home there was a problem. They didn't have moonstone and a gathering place. Moonstone is where the cats can shared tongue with the starclan(the ancestors) and the place where leaders of the clansget their nine lives. The gathering place is the place where all the clans meet together in peace at a full moon. After the jouney when they finally arrived. Tallstar the leader of the wind clan went to hunt with starclan(died). The tradition is that when the leader dies the deputy of the clan becomes the leader of the clan, but before Tallstar died. He changed his deputy to Mudclaw to Onewhisker. The reason was that he wasnted to have peace with the Thunderclan and he knew that Mudclaw wouldn't do that.

After Onewhisker became the leader of the Windclan. The deputy of the Riverclan, Mistyfoot saw Mudclaw and Hawkfrost talking so she went to see Firestar, the leader of the Thunderclan because she was the only one who was trustworthy. After that they saw the 3 Shadowclan cats going into windclan territory. So the warriors of Thunderclan cats attacked them and killed them all, but Hawkfrost got away.

After Hawfrost got away Bramblepaw chased after him then Mudclaw came out of nowhere and attacked him. Then Hawfrost attacked Mudclaw and Mudlcaw fleed. Bramblepaw asked him why he had helped him and he said becuase they were half brothers. Bramble paw suddenlt thought he is not as bad he looks.
The ENd

OMFG URE READING THE WARRIORS SERIES?! ITS MY FAVORITE!!! =D I HAS THAfter Ha)E WHOLE SERIES!! Yea, I got a little excited…knowing there's someoneelse is reading it while other ppl say "wth yoni, you read cats fighting and eating each other? Wow" SO NOT TRUE!! =) Im glad im not the only one ^^

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