Hamish X and the cheese pirates

The book starts of in a parmesean cheese factory in the country of italy. the factory is being attacked by cheese pirates the story is told throught he perspective of the factory owner. The story then changes to the persepctive of viggo the owner of a caribou blue cheese factory in the windiest town on the planet. Viggo also slaves child labourors to make his cheese the children range fom the age to 3-14 years old.

Are you sure you want to read this book? It sounds like it really stinks! :-P But seriously try to write a little more about what you read. Ie. describe the shees pirates. (M)

The ODA have sent Viggo a new child to work for him Viggo is nervous about this child for he has escaped every other orphanage known to man. Viggo go to the processing room to await the helicopter bringing his new recruit. The large doors open and a helicopter lands the doors open and two agents of the ODA bring out a small boy wearing glowing handcuffs.

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