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My book is about 2 kids named Jack and George who start the book by pretending they are Nazis trying to kill each other. The start of the book makes it seem like you're actually reading about Nazis and then they tell you that its actually 2 kids. When they are playing they come across a secret compound where they get captured by what look like soldiers and are reprimanded for trespassing. Once the boys are freed, they try to guess what part of the army the guys are from, but they don't recognize the uniforms. I guess it's probably some foreshadowing with the part about the Nazis and I think that there will be something happening with the secret base.

I love this book genre! A good mystery always keep me wanting to read more. (FM)

Jack tries to bully George into going with him to check out some suspicious activities near a bridge, when one of their inner tubes floats by they think that they will be caught for sure. The see some men putting hunks of stuff on the train
tracks and the kids think they are enemy spies. It turns out the stuff is clay and the men might not be bad at all.

Jack and George are working at the newspaper office with Mr. Krum talking about what they saw at the military camp and Mr. Krum tells them that th camp is called camp x and that h isn not sure whonrns it. All he knows is that he is not allowed to publish strang noises or her stories about the secret place. Mr Krum also tells them he too is German and fought himself in world war 1. He shows the two boys his medals from when he was in the army. George is super impressed but Jack thinks that Mr. Krum might be a spy.

Once they leave the newspaper office George gets bullied by some older kids and Jack bashed some kid's shnozz. Then the police chief comes to break it up. This book seems to be a lot about the doubt that went trough the country with the war. Found out the book is set in Canada.

Jack and George go back once again to the secret camp and this time they see many people dressed the same and a very tall tower. People are climbing up and then jumping off this tall tower with their parachutes. Jack turns around only to find that 4 men are coming up behind them. The men capture then and put them in the back of a jeep and take them to their HQ. Once there they meet the man in charge of camp "X". He makes them tell him everything they saw and then he made them sign a paper saying that they would not tell anybody about the things they saw. Then they were allowed to go home.

Later the boys got a call fro the base telling them they needed to meet them on the said eoc the road. Jack and George got picked up in a truck and were taken to the plant where their mother worked to take a fake bomb there. They managed to successfully infiltrate the plant and the manager sent them to take a package to the secret bas. The boys used Their knowledge of the camp to break in for a third time and deliver a package tithe base. There, they met the commander in the base and told him how easy it was to break into his base. Then he gave them both sodas and let them go home.

Later, after the boys were with mr krum at the newspaper office when they set out on their paper routes. George miscounted his papers and ended up with fewer papers than houses that needed to be delivered to. They had to go back to the office where Mr. Krum offered to drive them to ma store to go and pick up more papers. J and G agreed and Mr. Krum took them to his car and began to drive the boys. However the boys realized that he was not taking them in the right direction. When they asked him where they were going the pulled out a gun and told them to shut up. He drove them to an old farmhouse where he took them inside and made them tie themselves to a chair. Then other people came and interrogated the boys before mr. krum was told to shoot them both. The other guys lefts and krum took the gun and shot 4 bullets into th wall. This was a really cool part of the book and I really thoight that he was going to kill george and Jack right there. This was a twist that I didn't expect and I thought that it was pretty good writing. After the men left, jack and george managed to escape and ran towards the camp to warn the people about mr. krum. They hijacked a jeep and drove into the camp and crashed into the guy's car killing mr. Krum. I thought this book was not very captivating until the kidnapping. Coulda used a little spice.

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