Chloe!!!-the witche's boy....
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lump- a really ugly boy and is the witches sun.
witch- her name is so bad that you cant say it so she is called the witch,her,women, and lady.
cat- he is a talking fat cat.
Ysul- the nanny for the witch. she is a bear.
bagordax- he is some kind of a evil thing that the witch has prisaner. he talks to munch and is lumps teacher.

The witch's boy

oct 14th/09

wut i have read is that the witch explained why lump cant do magic i little more. the thing is that lump thinks magic is tricks, bbut the women shows that magic is to play with the mind. nothin to do with tricks at all. also you cant learn magic you are born with it, and lump has no magic at all she thinks. lump get vary angry and leaves the room without dinner. the cat talks to the women saying that she was to hard on the boy, that it was a silly day to even try to bring up the child the way she is doing. the cat thinks that is should be with its own kind. have finds. the witch gets upset and says that she never had anyfriends and was fine. she now thinks that she needs to be a better mother. the witch toght that lump had no magic but she was wrong, he has magic window but doesn't want to tell his mother cause hes worried that she might get mad at him for having them. lump can see other lonely children, lump wants a friend so bad. thats all

oct 11th/09

in the wut has happened is Ysul (the nanny) took lump to the great convocation of she-bears that is held 4 times a year. all the girl bears go to talk. he-bears know not to go near cause all the she-bears are watching there cubes. there is certain places wear they cant go. lump is 3 years old now, and he wants to hang out with the 3 year old bears but they are way bigger then lump. they let him go along but when they play games lump always loses and he gets mad. lump and the bears smell honey and want to go and eat it but it is in one of the areas they cant go. lump want to impress the bears so he goes to get the honey. but then a he-bear comes and tries to kill lump. one of the bears run back and get ysul and she takes care of everything and saves lump. when the witch fund out she was veary mad. ysul told the witch that lump should not always be with bears and needs to be more man. so the witch makes bagordax shap shift into a man to teach lump things. bagordax does magic tricks 4 lump and lump wants to do magic but his mom wont let him because she says lump could harm himself. that is wut has happend in my book so far. :)

the book i have been reading is the witch's boy. what i have read is this, there is a witch that has no name. she lives in the forest and can talk to animals, trees and demons. people in town dont like her, they make up story's about her. one day she was going to this tree stomp that people in town would drop off things like food and water there, she got the thing she had asked for and something else. it was a baby, a really ugly baby that looked like a pig/bat. the witch took the baby in her own hands and wanted to be its mother. its kewl cause the witch has this cool magic. she got this bar to look after the baby when she goes out to learn about the forest. they have named the baby lump. lump is now 1 year old in my book. thats alll i know so far. -chloe-

idk- i dont know
wut- what

Sounds like a good book! Can't wait to here more about it. ^*8*^ it's a bat (FM)


i really like this video. i like the cartoon girl. -chloe-


i think this is a weird video but i like it!!! -chloe-
Lol i know its creepy but strangely interesting xD -the davinator-
hahaha thax. nice name btw!!! ur a looooooser!! -chloe-

this is the story for l.a i dont know how it savi it 4 school so it it hear.

Chloe oct 12th /09
Artificial beauty

Today beauty is artificial and unattainable. They deform the person, make them look the impossible, having men and mostly women try to achieve the unachievable. Magazines take pictures of skinny models and make them look what we call beautiful. The magazines put pictures of women and men that are airbrush, perfect. This makes normal people think “wow this person is so beautiful” but if you see them you might not recognize them. They put lost of makeup on a person, making there skin nicer, there eyes more magical, and hair curly, normal or straight. Then after they do all of this they take pictures and edit them. Make there eyes the same size, longer neck, nose and ears smaller, and more. Like for example the dove commercial. In the commercial it shows how they make the models look “pretty”. But by doing this they have made the average person think twice about themselves. Making them think about there bodies in a negative way.
By making this unnatural beauty come into our world it has made mostly girls feel uncomfortable with their bodies. By making models and “stars” the unreachable, people are trying to reach it. Making some of the normal person, mostly girls, have eating disorders and plastic surgery. Girls look into the mir looking at there bodies thinking am I too fat? Am I too skinny? Is my nose to big? Will the world accept this? It angers me that people are making these girls always think twice about them selves and I think it should stop. Punching each girl in the stomach when they put up another picture of an unattainable person to show girls what they should look like this, boys like this, you need to look like this. What they frequently use this is in is advertisements.
By creating this image of beauty and having everyone wanting to be the perfect image it has made lots of people that sell materials vary wealthy. When they put a perfect person that has been transform on a add they say if it you buy this it can make you look like this. Make you look beautiful. Eat this it will keep you thin, girls like this beautiful one want you if you have this, boys like this because it makes you look like that. Sadly people buy all they can to try to achieve the unachievable. And it keeps going in circles. The sellers know this so they put up pictures of “fake” people up and then everyone wants it.
Everyone wants it, they crave it, would dye for it but we all will never have it. No ones eyes are the same size, has the perfect body, soft skin, or is thin or fat. Our bodies are not perfect. Our bodies are not the same. But we are all unique. Models and advertisers are trying to tell you different. People will always try to reach the image and never will. Today beauty is artificial and unattainable.

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