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October 11th

(srry i took so long to start this i totaly fergot but i have been readin the book dont worry :P)

-Characters so far-

Artemis Fowl: A 12 year old crime lord and super genious. The main character
Butler: Artemis's butler… his last name is also butler xD
Holly Short: An elf police officer
Root: Holly's boss
Juliet Butler: Butler's sister
Angeline Fowl: Artemis's mom, shes sick or sumthing..

Mmmmmkay so my first book is called ARTEMIS FOWL. And its about a young 12 year old boy named of course, Artemis Fowl. Artemis is the son of a billionaire and, like his father, artemis is a international crime lord super genius. His dad died so the closest thing he has to a father is his crime partner named Butler. Butler is a giant that could break anybody like a twig so hes helpful to have around on crime missions. Artemis' goal is to regain the billions of dollars his dad lost in an unfortunate explosion caused by a missile and 25000 cans of pop aboard a large ship.

Anyways back to the story.

Artemis goes around the world in search of a strange book with secrets about fairies and elves and other mystical creatures. Artemis believes they exist and is working to prove himself right. He meets up with a dealer he talked to online about the book and he shows artemis a place he belives a fairy owns the book. Artemis finds the fairy, who is old and decaying, and gives her the power to be young again with a magic liquid in exchange for the book. He takes it home to decode and after trying in many languages and spending 30 long hours he decodes the book into english.


Holly short is an elf living underground with all the other fairies and leprechauns etc. She is a police officer at the edge of losing her job working for a guy named Root. She is sent out on a recon mission to track down an escaped goblin thats big enough to eat cows whole. Its heading towards a city and she has little time to track it down before it reaches the city. By the time she gets there its too late for the retrieval team sent to capture it to arrive. The goblin breaks down a city wall and attacks a restaurant with lots of humans inside. The retrieval team manage to maintain the goblin but half the restaurant gets destroyed and all the humans in the restaurant saw Holly, a real elf in the flesh. Holly was running low on magic so she couldnt turn her invisbility on and they have to erase the memories of all the people in the restaurant. Root orders Holly to do the ritual to regain her magic. She almost got fired again. Holly goes to a magic place to do the ritual, but unfortunately Artemis reads about the magic place in the book and plans to stake her out and catch her to see a real fairy up front and prove theyre real. After 4 days of stake out she finally arrives and he tries to catch her. She tries fighting back but she has no magic and artemis knows that, so he tranquilizes her and takes her away.

Root and Holly's police squad find out about her capture by using the camera in her helmet and the audio feed. They cant see Artemis or Butler because Holly drops the helmet face down in the grass, but they can hear them, and for a brief second they can see the first tranquilizer dart they shot.

October 14

Root reassigns himself to recon duty and goes out with a team to try and find Holly. Meanwhile Artemis while studying the fairy technology gets a plan. (i dont know what it is yet). He gets butler to drive to a dock and cause a diversion while he does a small task. Butler causes commotion in a crowd of tough men and starts a fight. He easily takes out all the men but goes slowly to create a longer diversion. He escapes before the cops show up. when he getz back artemis is alredy done his mission.


October 18

Root sets off following Holly's tracker to find and rescue her. After a while of searching he finds the signal coming from a ship leaving the dock. He flys into the ship and takes out his gun. After walking through the dark hallways he reaches a large room with nothing inside.then suddenly a voice echoes from speakers in the room. it is artemis. Artemis tells root to look inside a box in the room and when he does he finds a detonator for explosives all around the ship. He also finds Holly's tracker that artemis placed there during the time butler was causing a diversion. Artemis laughs and says "Tell your friends Artemis Fowl says hi". Now root knows his name. Root flys out just in time before the ship explodes. He goes back and searches to find everything he can find out about artemis fowl. He finds the location of Fowl Manor (artemis's house.) He plans to attack before the next day. Unfortunately for him, thats what artemis wants.
Holly wakes up in her prison cell at fowl manor. she notices in her boot she still has an acorn from the magic getting ritual. if she digs it into the earth she gets her magic back. But then artemis walks in to speak to her. He lies to her and says shes been there 3 days and he used truth serum to find out from her information about the hostage fund, a huge amount of money the fairies own that artemis plans to steal. He actually got the information from the book but he didnt want her knowing he had it. She now believes she let down her whole species by telling him everything. She hates herself for this and artemis feels slightly bad for being so cruel, but at the moment he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the gold.

October. 21

Mulch Diggums: Dwarf convict that breaks into houses

A squad of high class retrieval team elves go into the fowl manor but using the fairy helmet technology, butler is able to see through the fairies invisibility and he defeats them all. He sends one of them back to tell the fairies not to set foot on his property. Root gets his technology expert to put a time stop on all of fowl manor. They could use this as an advantage so that artemis cannot leave his house. They plan to use a bio-bomb (a bomb that kills only living things but keeps the environment in tact) but they cant until they free Holly. Root goes in for negotiations and artemis explains how he knows all their plans including the time stop and the bio bomb. He also reveals he knows how to escape the time stop. Root is angry and leaves. Artemis thinks he has won because there is no way of entering his home. He thinks that not even a dwarf can dig into the solid limestone his whole house is made of. hes wrong. Mulch diggums is takes from his cell by Root to help break into artemis's house. basically to dig in he unhinges his jaw (all dwarfs can do this), and starts eating the dirt rapidly. It just as rapidly digests and shoots out the rear end. Mulch digs through the limestone into artemis's wine cellar. He uses his beard hairs which instantly turn solid after plucked to pick the locks in the doors to get through the house.
After several days of slamming her bed against her cell floor the cement finally game through to a bit of soil. She quickly digs up her acorn which completes her ritual and she gets her magic back. Artemis, watching from surveilance tells juliet to go see what Holly is up to
~~Back to Mulch~~
Mulch goes through the house dodging cameras and picking locks until he finds a safe behind a picture frame. He cracks the safe but finds nothing but small cash. He gets suspicious though. it seemed too easy. He moved the safe and found a second smaller safe in the wall. It had a special lock that needed a special key. Mulch used his hair again but instead of making a pick he put it in the hole still attached to his beardand then plucked it while inside, so it hardened to the shape of the key. He turned it and the safe opened. He found one of artemis's secret copies of the book! Now they knew how he got his info. At that moment butler had snuck up on mulch but suddenly mulch felt gas from the digestion of all that limestone and shot a huge clump of gas and limestone at butler. butler lay unconcious in the room.
Artemis watched butler fall unconcious in horror and at that moment also realized holly got her magic back. but it was too late because juliet was already heading for her cell. Juliet walked in and holly hit her with a mesmer spell causing her to fall into hollys command. She made juliet stay inside her cell and never leave until she said so. Holly then left and tried to hide.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON… ARTEMIS FOWL! Brought to you by Pillsbury Pizza Pops Bite-sized Snacks!

October 25

Mulch went down to the cellar he came in from and before he could escape butler grabbed his shoulders. Mulch had his face in the dirt and started eating and tried to fire a huge clump of stone at butler again but butler dodged it. Mulch used that time to escape down the hole and get away. Mulch decided then it was his time to escape from going back to jail. He dug over to a rabbits hole and quickly switched the camera in his eye to the eye of a rabbit, then he caved in the rabbit so it died. Root thought Mulch had died. Mulch dug to freedom. Suddenly Root got an idea. Since during the negotiations artemis said they cant enter the house while hes alive and because hes a fairy he is unable to go against rules, he had to kill artemis and then he could go in. So all he had to do is give artemis the money, get Holly out then bio-bomb the place and reclaim the money. Seemed simple enough. Just then Root saw a group of fairies outside the time stop area. He went to go see what was going on. apparently the council ordered a troll be set loose in fowl manor. Trolls were the most dangerous and vicious creatures known to fairy kind.
WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT??!?!??!?!?! !!!

November 1

The Troll goes into the house and Butler tries to save his sister by fighting the troll but it is too powerful and kills butler. Holly comes in and tries to stop the troll but it knocks her back against the wall. Holly uses her magic to bring butler back and he knocks out the troll. Root decides the only thing to do is send in the gold and bio bomb the place. They send in the gold and artemis releases Holly, but gives her half the money back in exchange for one wish. Artemis, Butler and Juliet drink champaigne to celebrate but they dont know artemis put knockout pills in the drinks. he drank his own and they all passed out. Because they were dead for the slightest second the bio-bomb didnt kill them and Root could not take the money back. Artemis had won.
Mulch was digging through the ground when he surfaced outside Artemis's manor. He snuck into the cage Root was keeping the gold they got back and took it all. Mulch dug away to freedom with riches beyond belief.

THE END… for now.

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