Episode 1 of the Canadian tv show by Bardel Entertainment, Silverwing (2003), based on the books by Kenneth Oppel.

The book I am reading so far is called "Silverwing" by Kenneth Oppel. When i started reading the first chapter it has really captured my attention. How? Well, the vocabulary is very complex, it makes you want to know more about what is going on in the book and the description grabs attention.

Shade - A newborn, A runt who is often mocked by his peers, usually by Chinook. Very curios and is adventurous. Somewhat jelous of Chinook for his great abilities fro flying and hunting.
Chinook - A peer of Shade, Chinook usually looks down on Shade because he is a runt, and he doesn't seem to notice him. He is said to be a Promising Newborn. Boastful and dumb.
Ariel - Mother of Shade.
Jarod, Yara, Osric, Penumbra and Rasha - Newborns, friends and admirers of Chinook.


The first chapter of Silverwing introduces the Protagonist Shade, a Silverwing bat. In the first scence of the book it tells us that he is hunting for food, mainly for a beetle. Then he sees a tiger moth, he chases for it but before he could catch it one of his peers Chinook takes the moth for himself. Friends of Chinook, Jarod, Yara, Osric, Penumbra and Rasha Praise Chinook for his great abilities in hunting and flying. All the newborns soon were talking about meeting their fathers and going South to Hibarnuculum, a cave where they will be hibernating for four months.
When their mothers called for them,Shade, as curious as he is already wanted to take a peek at the sun and told them to go ahead. Looking at the sun is strictly forbidden, that was the first and most important rule all newborns had to learn. But then Chinook said that he will NEVER do it, Shade wanted to prove that he is brave and WILL do it so he invited Chinook to come. Soon both were flying to see the sun. But at last minuite Chinook backed off and went back to Tree Haven, a place where newborn bats are raised by their mothers during the spring and summer. As he turned back to wonder why the sky was still dark he turned again and found himself staring straight to an owl. Suddenly his mother Ariel came shouting to fly . He and his mother flew as fast as they can to survive the wrath of the pointy claws of the owl. They then went through the knothole and are into the safe darkness of Tree Haven.

Silverwing is one of my favourite books. In fact, the series is good too. (EX)

Chapter 2 summary :Tree Haven

New Characters :
Mercury - the messenger for the colony elders
Frieda - The oldest of the Elders.Her wings are creased tho supple and strong. Claws were gnarled like the roots of an old tree but were wickedly sharp. According to Shade's mother Frieda is still a feirce hunter. She has more grey hair then silver or black. She has a few mangy patches on her body. Has a small metal band around her forearm. She is nice and caring.
Bathsheba - A colony elder, strict and somewhat scary.
Lucretia - One of the colony elders
Aurora - One of the colony elders

This chapter was quite short, but very interesting. Though..there isn't much to talk about. In this chapter it started off when Ariel (Shades mother) and Shade survives the wrath of the owl by going into Tree Haven just in time. Tree Haven is an ancient hollowed-out oak tree that has been his colony's roost for hundreds of years. Then, Ariel as any mother would have done checked Shade to see if there are any scars and of course had a talk with Shade about his childishness. But as they were having their talk, Ariel suddenly told about how his mate, and Shade's father named Cassiel died because he wanted to see the sun just like what Shade did. The elders then summond them to have a frank conversation about what happened and if they are well. After the long conversation Shade's punishment was that he cannot go hunt for food while the rest of the bats were. While Shade waited for them to return he continued his practice for take-offs and landing. One day the oldest elders Frieda came to him to talk about the sun, I then found out that Frieda as well has seen the sun. They talked about the law, and how others are afraid to fight the law of not seeing the sun. It soon caught my attention when their last conversation in the chapter Shade asked why the bats are not allowed to see the sun, Frieda said they are banished creatures. When Shade asked why she just said "it's easier if u hear for yourself. Come with me" That verse has really caught my attention and can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Chapter 3 - The echo chamber

This chapter had a lot to say about tree haven and the history of Shade's colony.
So as the story goes, Freida led him to the depth of Tree Haven, a small cave, a place where Shade never knew even existed. Shade could here faint voices, bat voices, like a ghost in a breeze. Freida said this cave tells all the history of the silverwing colony. To hear the history Shade pressed his ear against the walls and sees and hears the stories and here are they…
Long ago, millions and millions of years ago, bats were allowed to see the sun. But then there was a war between the birds and the beasts but the bats did not join the war or take any sides. Then there the birds, beasts and bats made a peace treaty. But the beasts blamed the bats for not helping them win the war and the birds called the bats cowards for not joining in the war. So then the bats lived in the dark and Nocturna the winged spirit was angry at the creatures for banishing the bats and gave the bats gifts to survive. She darkened their fur to blend in the night, echo vision to hunt in the dark and then the most important gift of all was the Promise. The promise was that one day the banishment will end and the cruel law will be broken. To have no more fear of the claws of birds and the jaws of the beasts and will once again be free to return to the light of day. // Thats the history :)
Now..after what the Echo Chamber has told Shade Freida showed him a silver band that was her forearm. She said the humans have given her the band and thinks it is a sign that the Promise is coming soon and that the humans have something to do with it. But also Shade's father had gotten a silver band as well.
Shade's mother Ariel told him that his father was killed by owls but Freida explained that he he flew off somewhere and didn't tell anyone where he was going, He was curious, there was something he wanted to find out about he bands and the humans probably.
Then Mercury came and told Freida the owls are coming and they have fire…
Can't wait for what happens next :D

Chapter 4-10

New characters
Marina - A brightwing with a silver band just like Freida's
Goth and Throbb - 2 cannibal bats

Freida did not give Shade to the Owls as a sacrifice and so, the Owls has burned Tree Haven. The bats then go South to meet their males at Hibernaculum.
At the first Chapter of part 2 in the book it talks about these 2 bats called Goth and Throbb, they lived in a jungle until humans took them away. Goth is the primary antagonist in the book. Goth and Throbb escape this room where they are being held captive and are into the city. So far that is what happened to the Goth and Throbb.
The next chapter….
When Shade was separated from his Colony by a storm, Shade was found by a brightwing named Marina. Then Shade goes off to find his colony again with Marina who is eager to meet Freida and learn more about the silver band she has since Freida has the same band as well. Soon they go into a city where 2 pigeons mistake them as the two giant bats who murdered a few pigeons, Marina and Shade were then held responsible for the murder and was beaten. A pigeon pecked Shade's wing. The last scence of the chapter was the pigeons found them and chased them around the city (at night).
There were many things that happened in these few chapters, but they have not grasped my attention. I think the chapters about when Marina and Shade are in the city are far too long, the author should've made them escape the city soon.

chapter 11 - Keeper of the spire
New characters :
Zephyr - An albino bat who lives in a church spire, a central where bat colonies migrates. He is very old, uses his sonar with great accuracy but lost the ability to see. He also knows a lot about medical herbs. He is the keeper of the shire.

Summary :
The pigeons were still chasing Shade and Marina. They found shelter in a dark alley between two building where the pigeons wouldn't see them. As they were flying around buildings to find a place to roost they found a church, there was a gargoyle on top of the church they went inside the mouth of the stone gargoyle and met Zephyr, the keeper of the shire. Zephyr aided Shade's wound with berries and leaves, Marina and Shade slept at the shire.
The next and last scene was about Goth and Throbb. The were on a ledge in a metal shaft, the area was warm, beneath had a foul smell but that was where they stayed as a roost since he didn't know much of the human world and that the sun was about to rise. Throbb and Goth then talked about that they need a bat who can read the sky so they can go back home to the jungle. I think they'll get Shade to direct them home.
This chapter was alright, i'd say a 4/10 . But the story is getting boring, it's not very thrilling and it's hard for me to illustrate what is going on.

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