Where Rainbows End
Cecelia Ahern

So far this is a good book. It's about two best friends named Rosie and Alex. It's about them talking, growing up, getting jobs.. They start out in the book as I think 7 years old.. and they grow up together in the book so they're all elderly and such by the end of it. I'm guessing it's not going to be all that interesting by that time.. they'll be talking about old people stuff like SLFFFBLBFLEEWF and I won't get it >:/. It's different than other books.. it's not like, written how most books are. It's written like emails that they send back and forth, so I like it better. I like to laugh at the letters from when they're 7. Judging their grammar and spelling and such. Fun fun :D
ALEX MOVES TO AMERICA. And Rosie lives in.. Ireland? So they're far away and can only talk with letters and stuff. IT'S INTERESTING. YAAHH. I'm not very far in it.. only 20 pages or something. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE!! AAAHH. I should probably read more of it.. ¬__¬

I read this book, its pretty good…VERY GOOD and really depressing yet warms your heart, I read it 15 times personally. Its a real life story or something along the lines of that. DAYUM IM NOT EVEN 1/4 THRU MY BOOK <3 Your awesome friend, Yoni

Is it in a diary style. Like, does it show dates and such? Sound interesting to me, even if the character become seniors. ;P (FM)

i read this book too!!!!!!!!! well actually i borrowed it from yoni i think emily did too… i not sure. idk if i should be answering MR bozic's question but yeah it's kinda like in diary form but it include e-mail, notes, IM, Notices etc it's a REALLY REALLY good book! though i think it's contains a lot of swearing -___-"

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