The Tale of Desperaux
by:Kate DiCamillo


I never thought, that this book, was gonna be good, but its cool. This book is about a little baby mouse that was born, named Desperoux, everybody thought that he was going to die, because he was born with his eyes open. Later on, everybody was saying that he was acting strangely, like for example: when his brothers and sisters heard crums falling, he heard huney falling, he told his brothers and sisters, they responded saying "that you cant hear huney, you just smell it, but he did hear it, he heard the sweet sound of huney. Theirs another event, when desperaux and one of his brothers went to the library, to eat books with glue, desperoux realized that he can read books, so he read the book that they were eating, it said "Once Opoun A Time", he said it whispering, but his brother heard it and started asking questions. After a while of asking questions, his brother went with his father to tell him how strange desperaux acted. Desperaux was still their reading the book in the library.

While Desperaux was in the library, he heard a voice, he was following the voice, that led him to a room, he saw the king singing a song to her daughter, the princess, he went closer to the king to listen more clearly, Desperaux loved the song too much, that he was so close to the king, that the princess spotted him near his dad, Desperoux noticed that he was being watched, he begand to get scared and starting trembling, when desperoux saw the princess, he fell in love with her. The princess said to his dad "look dad its a little mouse", the king took a look and mistoook Desperoux for an insect, so he told her that Desperoux was a insect not a mouse, and she said "it isnt a insect its a mouse", but the king likes being right, so he gave the same answer as before. After a while arguing wether Desperoux was a mouse or not, the king started to sing again, Desperoux was happy listening to the king singing, by the kings boots. While Desperoux was listening to the king, one of his brothers spotted him near humans, and immediately went with his father to tell him, with who was Desperoux with, because mouses arent supposed to be near or with humans.

In Desperouxs house, his brother was telling what happened to his father, his father got furious, he begand to talk with mother for a while, so in the end of the conversation they decided to call out the councill of mouses to decide the punishment for Depseroux, the father asked his son to find Desperoux and bring him to the councill….

The brother found Desperoux. Told him to come with him, but Desperoux wasnt listening, he was thinking of her beloved Pea the princess. After a while of trying to get Desperoux attencion, they went to the council. They enterd the councill, and Desperoux was graving his brothers tail while they where entering, everyone was staring at Despeoux, some felt sorry for him, some said that he deserves what he was going to get, but Depsperoux was confused about what was happening. Desperoux was in the center facing the councill, then the councilling begand, they ask him various questions saying about what theyve heard to see if it was true, Desperoux said that they where all true, everyone begand to talk and whisper, they said that Desperouxs punishment is that he goes to the dungeon, but if he said that he was sorry, for all the things he did, that he would go with a clean soul, but he said that no because he wasnt sorry about anything, then they said varywell, call the string master, and then Desperoux suddenly fainted ( just for a while)……

So now Desperoux is in the dungeon, withought light its mostly all darkness, Desperoux looks around, after a while he, ended up in a hand of human (i think it was). They begand to talk about how to get out of there and after the conversationDesperoux left, then they passed to somebody elses story…

wow gaby, this is …… um detailed okay i just left and message on yoni's page and now i'm like 100% sure this is for marks…..—"

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