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The Seance

The Characters so far are:

Lauren- Main Character.

Sara- Lauren's adopted sister.

Aunt Mel- Lauren's moms aunt.

Allie- Laurens friend.

Roberta- The girl who can connect with the dead.

Luemma- Friends of Lauren.

Maddie- Friends of Lauren.

Dana- Friends of Lauren

Laurens parents died when she was 13 years ago. Lauren is now 17, but just four months ago, Aunt Mel adopted Sara. Who is the same age a Lauren, but that is the only thing they have in commen. The two girls are allways arguing and fighting, but in one of there daily arguments, Lauren yelled at Sara that "she wished she were gone"… "why dont you just go all the way and wish I were dead" Sara says with her crooked smile …. The next morning Sara starts talking about how Roberta can speak with the dead. Lauren does not believe Sara at all, so one lunch they have a secret meeting about Roberta's seance. Lauren is worried ( I am not sure what about ). All the girls try and convince her its just a game, and everyone does this. But Lauren still has that worried gaze. Roberta is the only one saying it is not a game, she is not helping Laurens un-easy look. All the girls lean in and plan that on friday, the night of the next full moon, they will contact the dead….

Friday night- All the girls get together to contact the dead. Laurens stomach is uneasy her face is pale. They enter Roberta's "home", it is cold and eerie. Roberta sits down, all the girls take the hint and follow her actions. "Are the doors locked?" Dana says the most pale looking out of all the girls. So Allie and Maddie go run to make sure everything is locked. The twos girls come back and join the circle, panting as if they have been running. Luemma lets out a small laugh. Roberta is demanding silence from the girls who keep letting out giggles, to cover up how scared they truly are. The match is being lighted up, "when I light up the candle you turn off the lamp" Roberta says with her dead serios face. The candle is finally lighted up, and Roberta starts humming all of the girls are unsure, but Sara seems more uneasy than usual. "They are here, ask your questions" Roberta says with a creepy voice. All the girls coulf feel the sence of being watched. It goes quiet, untill Sara start screaming. She is up on her knee's crying and falls and turns off the candle, Dana gets so scared she accidentley un-hooked the lamp from its socket. After all the screaming the lamp is plugged in again. The girls look around and Sara is gone…..


After all the screaming the lamp is plugged in again. The girls look around and Sara is gone…..
All the girls look at eachother, faces pale as ghosts. The girls go check the doors, and the windows, to see if they are locked. Everything is in the same place except for Sara, who disapeard. Roberta calls the sheriff, tells him to come over as fast as possible. He is thinking, how is a group af girl going to get in so much trouble. So he takes his time getting there, 15 minutes go by then half an hour later he starts pounding on the door, witch startles everyone. He walks in and takes a seat. So what happend? Dana explains the story. Is it possible for her to run away?
Lauren answers, no all the doors are locked from the inside. A lot of questions are thrown out at the girls, asking if this a prank? is it all a joke? or is she still in the house? The sherrif does not belive the girls. So he leaves telling the girls to go home, and if Sara doesnt come back let me know. Lauren goes home, she realises she has to tell her Aunt Mel what happend, how will she react???????


Lauren walks in the door, immeadiatly Aunt Mel knows there is something wrong. Lauren is forced to tell Aunt Mel what happend, her face appears to have saddness in it, the first emotion in a long time. The only thing Aunt Mel say's is "lets go to bed we will be able to thing a lot better in the morning". When Lauren gets up Aunt Mel is allready sitting at the dinner table talking to the Sheriff, about what happend with Sara. Lauren sits down and tries to join the conversation, by looking like she wants to talk. As soon as she leans in and starts to listen Aunt Mel gets her to go get some groceries. Which really sucks on Laurens part because she wants to know what happend. "Ohh, no dont worry, I will be leaving" Says the sheriff. "well than you can give Lauren a ride to the grocerie store" Aunt Mel says with her smart tone. When Lauren is just about to start walking home she hears some one talking about a found body in the forrest…….


When Lauren is just about to start walking home she hears some one talking about a found body in the forrest……. It turns out the body that was found was Sara's, her body was found face down in a puddle. Before she gets home, Aunt Mel allready know what happend. It turns out the sheriff got there before her. Aunt Mel was on the phone with Sara's mother. Questions race through Luarens mind, "How did she get out of the house? Why did she do it? Who did it? Sara has a mom? Why isnt she living with her?" All the questions are left un answerd. Sara wasnt living with her mom because she couldnt handle Sara's bad behavoir. Aunt Mel and I had a scilent dinner. As soon as dinner was done I went to my room and studied. The buzzing of my alarm clock wakes me up, I look at the time, ten minutes to get to school. As I am running out the door Aunt Mel tells me to take a note excusing me from school to go to Sara's funeral.


Sara gets her note and goes to school, during school she realises that people seem to be avoiding her, giving herself and her friends cruel and brutal looks. The girls meet up at lunch, talking about what happend that night. All the girls are going to the funeral. -the funeral goes on-Soon everyone leaves, except for Lauren and the caretaker who is folding up all the white chairs. When Lauren sees her aunt and Sara's mom, she feels a sence of lonelyness. She wonders who Sara went with that night, then she goes into a trance. She has a huge feeling of her having to find the person who killed Sara. Aunt Mel is yelling at Lauren to get in the car. Finally Lauren hears Aunt Mel, she quickley finds out that she has tear drops down her face…..


Lauren quickly starts running to the car, slowing down so she can prosses her thoughts. She is so confused, not knowing where to start, who to begin with, or if she should tell anyone; Lauren slowly comes up to the car. She arrives home, Mrs. Hughes has invited Lauren to her house, Lauren is really confused why. She walks in the door and Mrs. Hughes starts questioning her, about the seance. "Who wanted to do the seance? What was the point of the seance? Why did you go to the seance?" and many more questions were asked. Before Lauren could answer any questions, Carley came in the house with a bang. As soon as Carley came, Lauren left. The brisk fall air chilled Lauren as she continued her walk home.


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