My book is City of Masks from the Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman. :)


These are the main characters listed below. i will add every new character i read.

-The Duchessa
-Dad (Lucien's dad)
-Aunt Leonora (Arianna's aunt)

What's Happened so far?

There is this place called Bellezza. Bellezza is part of diferent islands called Talia. the Characters from there are the Duchesssa,Arianna and Rodolfo.Lucien and his dad is from London, England

Annually there is a a celebration called Marriage of the Sea in which the Duchessa must take part in. this is where the Duchessa was introduced.

Arianna and her brothers boated to the ceremony which took place in the lagoon.she was foreshadowing doing something illegal.

instead of the Duchessa being lowered into the sea for the Marriage of the Sea she hired a younger woman to take her place instead of herself being lowered into the sea so that people will think the Duchessa still looks the same.

after the Marrriage of the Sea the celebrations began. Rodolfo is great friends with the Duchessa and apparently they have loved each other before but i am not sure if they still are.

When Arianna was at the Piazza, she was intending to get lost during the fireworks which she did. She was going to stay over night to the next day. that day was the day that no non-natives natives of Bellezza were not allowed in Bellezza. the Penalty:death. so when she got lost she went to the museum and hid there 'til morning.

Lucien has cancer and is really sick. From chemotherapy is throat is sore so his dad gives him a notebook to write in. But when lucien fell asleep He was magically transported to another place….

Lucien then woke up in the middle of the Piazza in Bellezza.

Arianna that had hidden on the balcony then saw Lucien, knowing he was in danger, she left the balcony then dragged him in an alley. She then told him off about what the day was and so on. But since Lucien wasn't from Bellezza he looked strange. Arianna who was wearing a boys disguised quickly gave up the disguise then changed into her other girl's clothes.

it turns out Arianna wanted to be a mandolier. but since she was a girl it isn't allowed.

So the two of them decide to go to the scuola mandoliera. That day was when the Duchessa was going to pick the mandoliers but the Duchessa only picked the handsome ones. When lucien and Arianna was watching the Duchessa chose lucien! of course Arianna was furious so she left and bribed someont to take her home.

Lucien was then led to his room at the school then fell asleep.

So once Arianna gets back to Torrone her whole family was worried sick about her and so on but they then get angry with her disobedience so they go back over to Bellezza for a special church day. They then go and visit Aunt Leonora but Arianna's family is actually punishing her by making her stay in Bellezza with her aunt.

Lucien woke up in his room again and his dad got him some books about Venice. Once again he fell asleep but instead it was a nightmare about the Duchessa. After that he awoke then fell asleep later that night. He then awoke at the bedroom at the school. he was quickly led after that to see Rodolfo. So Rodolfo ends up showing him a wall of mirrors that show all around Bellezza. Rodolfo says he was special then led him to a balcony and thats when Lucien saw he didn't have a shadow.

After Lucien gets over the fact that he doesn't have a shadow Rodolfo brought some sort of wine for Lucien to drink and then some sandwiches. Then Rodolfo asks Lucien about Lucien's world but Lucien thought Rodolfo already knew.Anyways lucien tells Rodolfo about London and the different foods like pizza.

After Lucien gets over the fact that he doesn't have a shadow, Rodolfo brought some sort of wine for Lucien to drink and then some sandwiches. Then Rodolfo asks Lucien about Lucien's world but Lucien thought Rodolfo already knew.Anyways lucien tells Rodolfo about London and the different foods like pizza. Then Rodolfo tells Lucien about Talia and Bellezza,and lucien does not know why he has no shadow. So Rodolfo tells Lucien a story. The story is about stravagante, which are also known as wanderers. The first stravagante was William Dethridge. Rodolfo had assumed that Lucien would know who he is, but he doesn't know. Dethridge was the first one to go between Lucien's world to Rodolfo's world. Eversince he made that first journey, Stravaganti had been studying the journeys between the two worlds. Lucien compared it to Star Trek, but every journey that is taken is a major hazard and must be taken carefully, usually only take by people who have studied stravagation, When Lucien heard about this, he simply told Rodolfo about how he fell asleep with the book in his pocket. Rodolfo still pointed out that this was still extremely dangerous. Rodolfo wanted to see the book, so Lucien showed him. Rodolfo asked where he got it from, Lucien replied that he got it from his father. Rodlolpho knew that it did not come from London as it was made in Bellezza. by Rodolfo's brother., Lucien didn't understand how it came to London. Rodolfo answered that he had taken it there himself. He was a Stravagante. Then he goes on about how the book is very important

He then goes on about the enemies of the Stravaganti who are the Chimici, the most powerful. family in Talia. The whole situation is very confusing so i won't explain it. surprisingly after Rodolfo tells Lucien about everything one of the Chimici people arrives knowing that Lucien is there. So Rodolfo opens a secret passege way that leads to the Duchessa's private apartments. Lucien starts to head down the passage while Rodolfo takes care of the visitor. When Lucien Reached the apartments the Duchessa was in her room without her mask on which is a major offense for a boy to see the Duchessa without her mask on. But then Lucien explains that Rodolfo had sent him. The duchessa excuses her maids and then asks Lucien to take a seat and talk to her.

Arianna was with her Aunt when Rodolfo was going through the streets. It turns out that he was going to come over o Aunt Leonara's house that afternoon. When Rodolfo was at the house, Arianna thought that he knew about her attempt to become a mandolier. Instead he told her that Lucien was now with himself. Rodolfo then invited Arianna to go and see Lucien. Before Arianna left her aunt asked her how she met Lucien since they were both foreigners on the island on the forbidden day.

Lucien then awakens in his own world again. In Bellezza Rodolfo taught lucien about being a Stravagante. It also turns out that when Lucien went down the tunnel to the Duchessa Rodolfo followed after him to explain things with the duchessa. Back in his world, Lucien is able to eat almost all of his breakfast, which makes him think that the more he is in bellezza, the stronger he will get.

It never seems to be a good thing when someone doesn't have a shadow. ;P You did an awesome entry here. To be honest, just the first half of this exceeds my expectations!! (EX)

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