The Recruit
so far my book is about this kid named james choke and his sister laruen, their mother was one of the leaders of a huge robbing system but she dies cuz she drank with her pain killers hahhahha, they have a drunken step father that is after the moeny that was stored in a safe but james took the moeney and his step father does not know yet also the step father hates james so he only takes lauren back home, james makes a new frined named kyle that is amazed on how spolied he was, after a couple days go by james starts to hang out with rob or robert vaghn and his gang they go crazy stealing cars and breaking windows and that it so far, james gets got trying to steal a beer and ends up in a strange place were everyone is a spy and a agent for british intellegience were he is asked if he wants to take an admission test or go back to Nebraska house he says take the test.

sounds like the main character has a pretty tough life. I wonder if he'll have some difficult choices to make about where he wants his life to head later on in the book. Hey, what's the title of the book? (M)

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