Louise L

oct 2/09
This is my new page —" don't know wat to put

HA i know now, all my friends wrote about books they're reading so i'm gonna put the same thing too!!!!! but i know i'm gonna be too lazy to update it so yeah. darn i forgot wat it's called and i need to go get the book so maybe i'll do it later cuz i dont' feel like going downstairs right now….. i think my page is gonna be really plain cuz i don't know wat all these wierd buttons are for up there….. random thought….XD

SOME OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS (this list would probably go on forever):
The Obvious Ones
-Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (duh)
-Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer (i suggest that u read it a maz of 2 times cuz
the more u read it the cheasier it gets>.<)
-Inkheart Triology by Cornelia Funke
-Eragon Series by Christopher Paolini (can't wait for the last book XDXD)

Etc Etc really don't want to list it all -___-" OH I use to really like Geronimo Stilton…. i still read all the new books for fun ^^

oct 8/09
*sigh* well i really don't like sketch up it's sooooo slow i don't know how i'm gonna finish

Hehehe. Fun. FML OVER HERE! I HAVE F-LOADS OF HW! D: Oops, forgot to put mah name
<3 RinFTW

nov 3/09
well i kinda didn't finish my last entry so yeah…..i'm currently rereading harry potter. i finished goblet of fire but order of pheonix isn't in the library so i'm skipping to half- blood prince. i'm also rereading erogon series XD it's getting harder and harder to find new books i'm interested in at the school library, i should go to the public library but i'm just too lazy. i recently read a cute book Whispering to Witches by… uhhh i can't remember. u might've have figured this out but fantasy are my favourite kind of books. i also like historical fiction , adventure and romance. sci-fic is okay but depends on how well it's written ^^
ps i didn't finish my tech ed project on sketch up but i still got a 'B' .. not bad >.<

ARGH TRYING TO FIND APPROPRIATE PICTURE FOR ROMAN GODS this is proving to be very difficult =/ either there isn't any pictures or there's all naked what's wrong with putting clothes on !!!!!!!

Dec 13/09
sigh studying for the AP math test….. I really hate math, trying to cram all Gr 9 math into one month, not the funnest thing on earth…. and does anyone really care about exponential laws??

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