Characters in the book:
David (lizs tennant)
Liz (lucys mom)
Lucy (lizs daughter - 12 years old

Hi am reading The Fire Within and so far the book is really good. So the main character is named David and he moves in to a house where a women named Liz and her child lives with her and her name is Lucy. In the house he finds dragons that are made out of clay that Liz makes, She makes the dragons upstairs in her workspace that she calls it the dragons den. Liz is making a dragon for david as a house warming gift. In the book lucy loves squirrels and she even names them. So far the book is good and ill update this when i read more :7)

Oct. 7
So lucy wanted david to look in the neighbors garden to look for her squirrel friend. While he looked in the garden liz was making david his very own dragon(out of clay)to put in his room. David didnt find anything in the garden but when he was looking he looked at his house and saw that upstairs in the dragons den, their was red flames inside the window. So david was SPRINTING inside th house and YELLED lucy, liz theirs a fire. But liz told david their is no fire and sent lucy upstairs to look. But their was no fire, lucy added, I think davids dragon is ready. SO lucy, and liz brought david upstairs to show him his dragon. When david got their their was dozens and dozens of dragons on the shelfs. When liz showed david his dragon it was all green with green scales. Liz told david to name it and pick a special name, and david came up with gadzooks. The dragon had a pencil in one hand and a notebook in the other. Liz and lucy were telling david that hes got to give the dragon a lot of love and respect it or it might cry. David was wondering how does a clay dragon cry and why does it have feelings. Later that day lucy wanted a squirrel book too learn about squirrels and learn what happened to conkers eye(conkers is a squirrel that lucy named that lost a eye and only has one eye). So david went to the city and went in the library where he asked th librarian if their was any squirrel books available but sadly their wasnt(tough luck ehh :( ). The librarian gave david some advice and said got to the librarian park and u will see tons and tons of squirrels.

At least the librarian was nice enough to point him in the right direction for squirrels. ;P Your entries are really good, and entertaining to read. Keep it up! (EX)

Oct. 13/ 09
When david arrived at the librarian park he saw a old man with a long beard. This man knew a lot about this park. David quickly figured that out and asked him questions about squirrels. David remembered conkers so asked the man "how would a squirrel loose a eye" . The man gave david a wierd look and said that it is pretty rare for a squirrel to loose a eye but a squirrel would most likely loose a eye from another animal thats bigger than the squirrel, like a fox or a wolf or maybe a bear. After david asked this man theese qwestions he went back home to his house. When he got their lucy was yelling at david saying that you suck and your pointless because david didnt find any squirrel books. After that, liz wanted to show david 2 dragons. So david followed liz and she showed david theese 2 wicked dragons named Gwendolen and Gawain. David noticed that Gawain looked really scary. Liz told david that gwendolen is lucys dragon. She added also that Gawain is the first dragon ever to be made on earth.

Oct. 21/ 09
David and lucy and were talking at the dinner table while liz was cooking dinner. David and lucy were talking about what david saw at the park. david saw 2 squirrels at the park and explained the colors of the squirrels. david told lucy what the squirrels did and explained that 1 of the squirrels was fearless while the other 1 was hiding in the bushes. Lucy was very entertained and wanted david to take lucly to that park 1 day. david also talked at the dinner able about the animals outside and how the neigbor(mr. bacon) hates all the animals outside. mr. bacon hates the animals with no homesand calls them pests. the neigbor hates all squirrels, HATES alley cats, and HATES the birds and other runts. then liz was serving and the dinner was on the table. While david was eating lucy and liz wanted david to think about his dragon more and love him more. at the dinner table they also talked more about gawain and gwendolen.

Oct. 28/ 2009
the next day liz wanted to go to the fair and asked lucy to come. lucy would not come and wanted to stay home with david so they could sneak up to the attic(very SNEAKY:D)liz left the house upset that lucy did not come. when liz left, david and lucy sneaked up to that attic. david and lucy were haveing fun in the attic when david stumbled on a nest. at first they thought it was a birds nest. after examining it they noticed that the nest was enormous and could not belong to a bird. they later noticed that the nest belonged to a squirrel family. while examining the nest they heard a noise coming from the dragons den. they went to the dragons den to figure it out but their was only a average bird sitting their.


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