Hi I am reading Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

The main character right now is Robert Walton a man on an expedition to the North pole. He sends letters to hist sister Margaret Saville to talk about the expedition and how he is in great need of a friend. He accompanies sailors and a boat to go on his jorney with him. They then get stuck in some ice and they see a man coming up to them on a peice of ice using it as a raft with a broken dog sled and with dead dogs. He has minor hypothermea from the ice. Robert Walto then tells him that they are on an expedition to the north pole and that he is welcome to come, He Happily agrees to come along to the journey with them. It takes him about two days to recover and all of the sailors on the boat are very curious about how he got there and what he was doing there in the first place. But Robert wont let them speak to him. The man then tells Robert that they are both different kinds of creatures and that people wont understand them Robert Is then very interested of what he means by that then the man tells him that he will tell him of his life story and it will expalin why they found him where he was.

And then the story really starts to begin.

The New Main Character Is Victor Frankenstein, and he is now telling Robert Walton of his like story.
Victor was born in Genevese and his Family is one of the most distinguished of that republic. His ancestors had been for many years counsellors and syndics, and his father had filled several public situations with honour and reputation.integrity.
Victors parents met under bizarre circumstance, His Father had known a man named Beaufort, who had became to become in poverty, Even though he had distinguished a mark in the country for his magnificence. Having paid his debhts, in the most honourable manner, he then retreated the country with his daughter to the town of Lucerne, where he still lived in poverty. Victors father had loved Beaufort with the truest friendship and was deeply saddened by his going in these terrile circumstances. Victors father then went out to find his friend, But Beaufort had taken great measures to conceal himself. And it was ten months before Victors father Had found him. Beaufort had saved a very small sum of money to just be able to provide for him and his daughter, But sadly Beaufort layed in bed of sickness, incapale of any exertion. His daughter attended him through his sickness, but she saw that they had little money, so Caroline Beaufort decided that she would do plain work to support for her and her father. Several months passed by and her father grew worse, and in the tenth month her father died in her arms, leaving her an orphan. When the funeral came and when she knealt by ther fathers coffin, Victors father came and he commited himself to her care. Two years after this event Caroline became his wife.

They decided, From Italy they visited Germany and France, and Victor their eldest Child was born
at Naples. As a infant he accompanied them in their rambles. He remained for several years their only child. His mother had much desire for a daughter. When he was about five years old they passed a week on the shores of the lake of como. They often had to enter the cottages of the poor, Which Caroline would do to remember what she had been through and how she wanted to help them all so badly. During one of her walks She found a peasent and his wife with five children, And one of the children Caroline was attracted to, Who was very beautiful. The mother who noticed Carolines attraction to the child then told her the history of her. She was not their child and that a long time ago they used to not live in such poverty and they had adopted her. Caroline then decided to adopt her.

They had all loved the sweet orphan. Her name was Elizabeth, her presence had seemed a blessing to them. A few years later Victors mother had given birth to a second son and they had decided to move to Geneva. Victor then made a very close friend named Henry Clerval. He was a boy of singular talent a was a very talented writer, He also had loved plays and sometries tried to get Victor and some other friends to act out some plays.

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