Book #1    

The battle of the labyrinth  by Rick Riordan         

I just finished the fourth book of the "Percy Jackson and The Olympians" series. The series are about a boy named Percy Jackson who is recruited by a satyr (a goat with a boys body above the waist) and a centaur ( horse body waist below, and human body above the waist). They bring him to a camp called camp half-blood, where basically mortals who can see through the mist(a mist that blocks regular mortals from seeing a monsters or creatures true form) or children of the gods stay. They are only staying there because they could be in terrible danger in the outside world. In the middle of a deadly game of capture the flag, Percy gets stabbed and he falls into a river where his wound somehow magically heals. He also finds out sooner in the series that he can control water, not get wet while in it, and can breathe perfectly fine under water. Thats when he finds out he's a son of the sea god poseiden. Then he goes on three awesome adventures meeting the daughter of zeus (the sky god) and finding the son of hades (the lord of death). BUT i'm not going to tell you anymore Mr.Bozic cause if you want to know more than you'll have to read starting from the first book "The Lighting Thief". You can find it in Mr.Mckinnon's classroom.Now to the actual book i'm supposed to tell you about, Percy is trying out a new school again trying to break his streak of destroying every school that he goes to cause of the monsters that seek him. He only has one sword that he ever uses and that is riptide. It is disguised as a ballpoint pen but when you open the cap then a beautiful bronze glowing sword extends out of the "pen". As usual, a bunch of monsters find him in the new school again and he fights them of with the help of a girl who had saved his life once already, but he barely knew her. Her name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare who helped him get out of a tough situation with some undestroyable skeletons in the third book. While escaping the school he bumps into an old friend of his Annabeth the daughter of Athena. From there on he finds out that in the camp there was a hidden labrinth deep in a hole. Thats when they know why Luke(a traitor from the first book) and his army hasn't attacked for so long, they were still trying to get through the maze! Percy ends up going on a quest with annabeth and some others, but find out that they are hopelessly lost without the mortal girl Rachel. The labyrinth really messes with your mind and when you walk through a passageway it dissapears behind you. They end up finally finding Elizabeth and she leads them to the creator of the labyrinth Daedalus. They get attacked again and Daedalus the great inventor, gives everyone a pair of wings except for himself and while percy and his friends escape, Daedalus stays back and defeats all the monsters there. Rachel leads them back to new york, and 5 Pegasi's (basically a mystical flying horse) help percy and everyone else back to camp. Then the biggest battle yet. The evil lord Kronos still hasn't given up. Creatures could sense there presence and they no that they would be jumping out of the hole anytime soon. Everybody is geared up, a bunch of traps are laid but it still wasn't enough they were getting killed! (literaly) that was when a brother of Percy, a creature with 101 hands and was easily 15 feet tall he helps out and grover (the satyr that recruits percy in the first book) scares them back into the Labyrinth. But everyone knows that they won't stay there for long. So Daedelus sacrifices himself because when he dies everything he invented gets destroyed with him. So all the monsters in the labrinyth are killed. Finally at Percys 15th birthday party, Poseiden the sea god himself transforms into a human being and comes to talk to Percy and tells him that the biggest battle is yet to come.++ I'll bug Mr. McKinnon about and see if he'll lend it to me.  The book you're reading now, does it take place in Ancient Greek Mythology, or is it a different time?   Overall, an awesome entry, Oscar! Keep it up!  (EX)      No it takes place right now in the 21st century. eg. in the book they say that Olympus (basically where the gods live) is always moving, like right now Olympus is on the 600th floor of the empire state building.Book #2        51hQDVbtyLL.jpg

Evil Star           by. Anthony Horowitz (creator and author of the alex rider series, read it!)

 The second book that i have finished is the second book of the gatekeepers series. I heard that Alvin did one of his reports on the first book Ravens Gate. To me the first book was a more exciting book than the second. But i liked this book just as much. :]Them main character are matt, richard, and pedro (he comes later in the book) Matt is a strong kid who hasn't had the best life you could wish for. when he was around 6 he had a feeling that something was going to go wrong when his parents went to work, but he decided not to tell them. next thing he knows BAMMM! He finds out the horrifying news that would change his life from then on that his parents had died on the way to work. In the first book he has to go to prison for robbing a warehouse, but he gets the choice of staying at a foster home doing farm work for a year. He agreed to that and a bunch of things happen but at the end he basically stops these people called "the old ones" from entering our world by shutting a gate before it could be opened. i think the old ones are spirits of some sort that can and will take over the world. So he ends up with this news article writer called Richard who takes care of him.In the second book, Nexus(a bunch of rich people who have the power, intelligence, and money to stop the old ones) come to find matt and tell him that they need him to go to london and retrieve a diary. But like always, something awful happens and everything turns into a train wreck.By the way Matt is what Nexus calls "one of the five" the five are the people who had stopped the old ones centuries ago and all have a diffrent power. Matt has the power of controlling things whenever he smells something burning. But when i say controlling, he can't make objects move or anything but he can make things explode. Well Matt was supposed to just go to london and prove to a man who was selling a really important diary that he was one of the five. but when hes proving it to him the man gets murdered and the diary that contained secrets of the old ones was taken. Eventually Nexus finds out that the second gate was about to open in peru. So he goes to peru. But when they get to peru some people come and try and kidnapp them but they only got Richard. Basically now he's on his own until he meets a boy called Pedro who turns out is another one of the five. He speaked spanish so they couldn't really connect with each other. The only way they could talk was in there dreams. Pedro doesn't really know what his special power is until later, but in the meantime they almost get kidnapped again by a "policeman" call Captain Rodriguez. they run away and then the story gets boring for a while. (blah,blah,blah,blah) FINALLY, they arrive at the nazca lines when they have this mini war with the people who worked for the old ones, they win but a satellite that looks exactly like a star is gets put in place of a star constelation that was supposed to not happen forever. But if it ever did happen then the second gate would open. They did. Matt uses all his power and wounds the old ones but he gets knocked out by the power. This is when Pedro finds out that his power was the power to heal people. Matt was supposed to be in a coma for the rest of his life, but pedro helps him get better in a few days. Now that 2 of the 5 had united the only way they could stop the old ones now was to find the rest of the 5 and then fight the old ones for one last time.nightrise.jpg

Book #3 Nightrise                by Anthony horowitz 

As you might have noticed, this is a lot like book #2. well it should be! cause  that was the second book of the gatekeepers series and Nightrise is the third. (i haven't had a lot of time to read so i'm only halfway through.)Nightrise completely changes compared to the first two books. In the first two it was all about matt's journey and meeting pedro. But in this book the whole time i've been reading it, it was always about two brothers Scott and Jamie. These two brothers aren't like average brothers, they can read anybodys mind and command anybody to do whatever they want. except they only choose to read each others and block out everybody else's. They have been through numerous foster homes but they always end up unwanted at the end, which is how they ended up with "uncle don" and "aunt marie". Jamie and scott have no choice but to peform magic acts for "uncle don" in his little run down theatre in reno. but after around 2 years uncle don signs a contract behind the brothers backs to sell them to 2 strangers for 75 thousand each. but when they come to retrieve/kidnapp the brothers jamie manages to escape. He gets help from a women who lost her son and only jamie and his brother can help her with it. so they make a deal, alicia(the women who helped) will help jamie find his brother if jamie will help find alicia's son daniel. They manage to track down one of people who had kidnapped scott, but jamie found out that the only way he could look into his thoughts about where jamie is to look at him face to face. he manages to escape and find out about where his brother is. in a prison called silent creek in the middle of the desert. so jamie fakes a felony and gets sentenced to silent creek, where he goes to seek his brother scott. after a week and a half he still hasn't seen any sign of scott. but he hears about a second part of silent creek where they keep the "special kids". Thats all i got to i might be able to finish it by wednesday, but its not exactly a book that makes you want to read it. so it might take a bit longer than usual.

Nightrise entry, continued…

Scott has had enough with the fact that he could have no contact with anyone else except for the guards, so one night he presses the call button for security guards, and trys to use his powers of telling someone to do on him. he totally fails miserably. #1 he tells the guard all the top secret imformation that hes never supposed to tell and #2 it just didn't work. so the guard knows this important information and tells the "bad guys" of the story (AKA the old ones). they throw him into this cell, where he's supposed to stay in for 14 days without any body to talk with. but somebody on his side (a security guard) finds out who he is and contacts his "friends" and they come and break in, pratically destroying the place. Jamie also finally finds daniel (alicia's son) and risks his life for him. on the way out he gets shot in the shoulder and dies. but during the time he is dead, he ends up in this weird place that turns out to be 10,000 years ago.  he is needed in a battle, the first battle of the old ones. he unites with the rest of the 4 gatekeepers and they beat a humongous army of people just by killing the king of the old ones. they get sucked up and get trapped by a gate. then they build another one in the desert somewhere else in the world. the second gate which we know from the second book has already opened. after beating the old ones matt, who turns out to be the leader of the gatekeepers tells them about how they'll probrably never see each other for another 10,000 years and by then they wouldn't even know each other. Jamie finally gets leaded back home by "drowning" He finally reunites daniel and his mom, but after a few days he finds out about how scott was being used against the gatekeepers and the one of the people running to become the next president was going to get killed. Jamie almost arrives to late but he was able to direct the gun with his mind so that it would kill the the women who took scott. He finally gets scott back, but he can't talk to him with his mind or with his mouth. The police are still after them for the murder of don and marcie so they escaped into a cave. The next book is called Necropolis (i think thats how you spell it) and it came out last year so i'm trying to get a hold of it.


book #4

half moon investigations by Eoin Colfer

If you've ever read the artemis fowl series, then you would know that the authour of this book is also the writer and creator of artemis fowl. This book was an awesome read Eoin Colfer is brilliant and i can't wait till i get to start the artemis fowl series.

Anyways this book is about a 12 year old kid called fletcher moon. he gets called "half moon" because of how short he is. he earned his very own profesional detective badge 6 months ago and has a reputation in school to be able to solve anything. so one day he just solved a mystery of a lost eletronic organizer, and a girl named april and her cousin may (the "popular and pretty" group) saw and paid fletcher to help her determine that herod sharkey stole something of hers. the sharkeys, by the way, have the baddest reputation in town. the dads a criminal the sisters a criminal the little brother is becoming one, and they all seem to always get away from it, but only the middle child Red Sharkey has good intentions. so Red is accused of stealing a lock of hair from a rockstar, and like always moon is put on the case. he starts asking questions to red but red thinks that moon is accusing him, so they fight. he talks to the principal and blah blah blah. then that night he heard someone in the bushes behind his house and gets assaulted while investigating. he wakes up in the hospital horribaly bruised but finds the faint markings of RED all over his left arm, which he used to block his face with. he decides that he has to take a picture of this for evidence before the bruising stops and fades. he remembers that aprils house is just a block away from the hospital, and escapes when his parents and the nurses aren't paying attention. but when he got there, there was suddenly a huge fire ball in the backyard and he screams "fire!" but the anasthetic puts him to sleep from the exhaustion of yelling. He wakes up and is sent to the police station because he is said to be the one who set the fire. the police car "mysteriously" breaks down halfway there and red comes and tells him to escape with him to his house. Fletcher knew that if he went to the police station then everyone would for sure think that he had done it, so he runs away with him so that he can try and solve the mystery on his own. when he arrives at the sharkeys house they let him rest, but during his slumber, they disguise him into a sharkey. they cut his hair really short gave him piercings, a spray on tan, fiery red hair, and the new name watson. now that he was one of the sharkeys he could look at the crime scenes where everything had happened without worrying about the police looking for him.
he doesn't find any clues at neither crime scenes accept for one thing. a humongus foot print. he talks to diffrent people and blah blah blah, until when he goes to ask april some questions they hear them talk about a bunch of secret plans on how to get the boys that they hate expelled. a girl named mercedes fell of her horse that day and had a horrible looking arm. but she used her drama class expertise to fake the principal into believing her and have another boy expelled. but being the detective that fletcher is, he writes down the phony speech into his notebook. the next day when she was supposed to pretend to be "assaulted" fletcher texts the police officer whos listening the whole speech. so the cop hears her speech word for word the same thing on his phone so he knows that it was all a fake and it was intended to frame this kid. April admits in a horrible confession and gets so mad that she gets into her fathers car and crashes it. it was a small crash but she got her biggest nightmare of a punishment… a stay at grandma and grandpas house! he finally solves the mystery with a secret agents help, but still needs a confession from the man, aprils dad. he thinks of way, a long run but he still trys it. he confronts him at the talent show with the evidence on how all the other 7 contestants from last years talent show had something happen to them that forced them to no enter. all except one, mercedes. aprils dad was going to steal mercedes kareoke disk but loses it on his way out. fletcher gets herod sharkey (the youngest and the best pickpocketter in the sharkey family) to slip a random elvis disk into the dads pants. and when fletcher pulls it out to show the crowd he gets arrested for all the hard evidence of what had happened. the book ends with fletcher going from enemy to friends/partners with red sharkey, starting there own detective agency called half moon investigations.


Book #5

The Wish List by Eoin Colfer (same authour as my last book)

the book starts of with meg and belch, two really good friends robbing an old mans house. but everything goes wrong. first the old man appears out of no where with a shotgun, then belch uses his dog to wound the innocent weak old man, then when meg changes sides from bad to good belch takes the shotgun and chases her into a gas section and kills them both by accidently shooting a gas tank.

when they die they are checked on the facts on your life. if you were good you go to heaven, if you were bad then you go to hell. belch of course went to hell, but because meg tried to help the old man before she died, she was put in a extremely awkward position. she was to good for hell, but to bad for heaven. she was 50-50. so the only way to still go to heaven is to help the man who she tried to rob from. so they send her back and lowrie (the old man) comes up with a list of 4 things that he has regreted not doing in his life. the first thing on his list is "sissy kissy". Sissy was a woman that he fell in love with in high school, but didn't have the guts to kiss her on a date. to cut a long story short, sissy married someone she didn't like, and lowrie married Nora who he also hated. so he wants to kiss her, but it's really hard cause sissy, is a famous granny with her own talk show! So Meg "somehow" slips into the body of lowrie and takes control. (since shes a spirit/ghost and all that) she gets him right in front of him, but belch appears out of nowhere (in spirit form) and tries to take her to the underworld. meg is tackled out of lowries body, but lowrie finally completes his first wish and kisses sissy. Since it was an act of pure good, belch is overpowered and sent back to hell. for the second wish, lowrie wants to break into a soccer stadium and score a goal. meg thinks it's crazy cause she was supposed to come back to earth and help him, but shes ending up breaking the law! they arrive and after struggling for ever, they make it over the fence. but a night security guard catches them, thankfully he understands the situation and lets him kick a ball in to the goal. the third wish was to punch a bully from high school in the face. but when they get there lowrie has a change of heart because the bully apologized about everything. since he didn't punch the bully, that meant there was an extra wish. and meg wanted it, so lowrie granted it to her. it was to punch her awful stepdad franco in the face. it didn't go that well… #1 it was and evil thing #2 belch had slipped into francos body which gave franco extra strength and power. meg and lowrie barely make it out and hurry to do the last wish, spit from a cliff. the only reason lowrie wanted to do this was because his dad used to sing a lullaby to him when he was a kid, about spitting into "the cliffs of moher". they arrive and somehow meet belch again (who is still in franco form) they fight and lowrie dies. but she had two more "life stones" and quickly used one on lowrie.they together beat franco/belch, and belch gets sent back into hell. but when belch left francos body franco basically died cause an old man can't take up that much of a fight. even though meg hated her stepfather she used her last stone on him. this was the thing that helped her finally get into heaven. :) yay!


book #6

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer


this week i had tons of catch up homework to do from other extracurricular activities and i was just to tired to read these nights! So please forgive me! Anyways, the two chapters that i have read are about a boy named artemis fowl (duhhh!) that is a extremely intelligent genius kid, thats also a millionaire. who is actually the biggest mastermind in criminal activity. In the first chapter Artemis is after this book that is supposed to somehow restore his family fortune. he hears about this old lady/witch that is really just a total drunk. being the evil dude that he is, he poisons her, and then blackmails her to hand over the book. he takes a bunch of photos, and then following his own words, he gives the book back and also gives her antidote. in chapter two, you get introduced to his home and family. his mom is a wreck that sometimes doesn't even remember who is her son, ever since his father disapeared. there is also butler and his little sister, who have been trained to expertly guard artemis and his mom. he takes the photos that he had taken, and uploads them to his many computers. he then spends over 20 hours, just decoding them and trying to reveal the ancient language.

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