My book's name is <nightmare hour>
I thought it's a scary book, but it's not. I think it's not so scary, it's FUNNY!!!!!
There's 10 stories in this book, I read the first story, it's called <THE DEAD BODY>
It's about a boy who always made jokes by his friends, and he felt sad every times.
One day he asked his uncle to help him, to scare his friends, his uncle pretended a dead body.
And he let his friends come over, told them this is a dead body.
Then he touched it!!!!!!!!
The dead body came alive, it grabbed the boy's arm, and said: Keep the dead body lonely⋯⋯
The boy's friends all ran away, they were afraid.
And the boy said: Hey, uncle thanks! That's a really good joke!
Uncle smiled: Ha Ha Ha~~~~~~ if you want my help, just call me!
Then the uncle went back to his home.
The boy ran back to his house, he wanted to tell his mom, he made a great joke!
When he arrived, he saw his mom was crying.
His mom said: You uncle is dead, he dead last night!
The boy was surprised: But I saw him today⋯⋯Oh my
Oct 7th

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Sounds like a very interesting book. Keep up the good work! (M)

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