Peaches - book one by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Secret of Peaches - book two by Jodi Lynn Anderson


Okay So I decided to re-write my entries cuz they were crap and confused me xD And I keep on forgetting to update this.

It's basically a book about heart breaks and sweet beginnings, the power of friendship and everything anyone would experience. Family drama and all that. There are 3 main characters. Murphy McGowen, a "yummy" teen that tends to show off and often gets into trouble, in other words, the kinda of girl I don't fancy. Another one of the main characters was Leeda Cawley-Smith. She has a boyfriend, Rex who really fancies her. He asked her out one day and Leeda wasn't all that "lovey-dovey" about it at all. She thought if she dated Rex, her mom might take notice of her for once. Leeda has some kinda family problems, her family doesn't understand her at all. She was going camping with Rex for the summer but instead her family made her go live with Birdie-her cousin that annoys her. Birdie, on the other hand is a 'good girl'. Her mom left her because of problems with his father. His dad owns an orchard or something, and birdie helps his dad.

First of all, you should never have had 40000 lbs of homework, because I'm sure I assigned 50000. Second, this is a very good entry! The characters have odd names, don't they? Birdie? (FM)

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Oct. 7
Murphy was caught breaking into someone's house, so she had to spend the spring break being a worker at the Peach Orchard. Birdie's dad, Walter, owns the orchard and Leeda is her cousin. Leeda had to live with Birdie over spring break, that's how the 3 met. When Murphy arrived, she insulted Birdie as weak and Leeda as uptight, that meanie. Leeda didn't like how different Birdie is, chubby home-schooled farm girl. Nice and innocent. Leeda and Birdie knew since…forever, but she sneaked to the lake with Murphy, leaving her cousin out which broke her heart, Leeda and Murphy became friends while Birdie, was all alone. Only having 2 dogs and a house maid as friends.

Oct. 21 I finished the whole book in one day, didn't do the previous entries. I'm getting a F :(
Leeda and Murphy's sprink break was over, so they went back to school. Near the end of the year, Murphy did a prank, a stoopid one and frightened people. The school board or w/e made Murphy work at the Orchard for the whole summer, sigh Murphy, just suck it up, u asked for it. Leeda had to stay with Birdie AGAIN cuz she made the wrong retort…"I'D RATHER STAY AT THE ORCHARD THEN!" "OKAY THEN, YOU'LL SPEND THE WHOLE SUMMER THERE" "…damn" The three got to know each other and soon became bestfriends, friends that understand each other the most. Enrico, this Mexican dude (no, not Gaby) was working at the Orchards and met Birdie and they fell in love, bla bla bla, not too important but they're together at the end. Leeda had a bf named Rex. The "bad boy" according to Murphy. And guess what? Rex became Murphy's bf. Leeda loved Rex, but wasn't "in love" with him. BIG difference. But Murhpy and Rex were. Rex just randomly TRIED to kiss Murphy and she shoved him away saying "NOOO! LEEDA ISH MAH FWEND! YOU CHEATAH!" Well, not like that but more like "Leeda is my friend Rex. You're her boyfriend". SO YAAH.
Murphy-sexy, very cool and extremely reckless and stoopid (not stupid, big difference there) Care for her friends and dreams of being a waitress in NY or something romantic like that. OOH I LIKE MAID DRESSES!! :D Likes peaches and nectarines. Has a childish mother, throw herself at guys.
Leeda-Not loved by family, everyone loves her sister. Many people think she's interesting and perfect, but when you get to know her, she's "BLEH" According to Murphy. Yes, Leeda IS "BLEH" nothing to write about her. Well, she's clever, BEAUTIFUL and such.
Birdie-The farm girl. Innocent and different. Pretty in the inside and outside, she's perfect. Even tho her mom and dad were seperating, she took it seriously and act mature about it. ANd she's trying to learn Spanish JUST for his boyfriend…:)
If I relate to one of these characters, it's none of them. First of all, I have poor communication skills. I can't start/continue conversations in reality, but I can online. Strange… I dont have the skills to say something clever like Emily does. In other words, I'm boring to be around ^^ My work is crap and I'm not very nice :D I'm lazy and stoopid. (not stupid, ITS STOOPID) The only thing I'm probably good at is planning, being lazy, better at math than a typical student and I could really care about someone when I want to. Thats it. Sigh. THE SHAME!! I'm starting the second book of PEACHES called THE SECRET OF PEACHES and theres a 3rd book but it isn't in the library :'( WHEEEEE. CHEESE. RANDOMNEESSSSS 8D

So in the second book, Murphy and Rex were in relationship. Leeda became the Pecan queen. Birdie and Enrico were starting their relationship. Murphy always wanted to go to NYC, a city that is BIG, have plenty for her. During these years, Leeda, Birdie and Murphy had become best of all best friends, but then, Leeda slowly changed, because of her mom, not being a good mother at all, Leeda does not have family love. Murphy wanted to go New York, so said goodbye to Rex, cuz he didn't go with her. But the new york city university ended up not accepting her. So she stayed. But the truth is, the university DID accept her, she used Rex as an excuse to stay, but really she's scared, deep inside. Birdie on the other hand…just…uhm, did it with Enrico -_- But because that she's afraid, and somehow, broke up with him. And continued on with her life. But in the end, Enrico came to the Orchard to find her, Birdie asked to be friends again, but she didn't want to. She said "I dont want to be friends anymore" and hold Enrico close to her, Enrico did too…Then they lived in Mexico, and Enrico, kept a ring from Poopie, and asked Birdie to marry him. OH SNAP, IMA WRITE THIS IN THE MORNING OR SOMTHING..NO TIMEEE

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