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This Homework Board outlines major assignments and important due dates or events in classes taught by Mr. Bozic. Every effort is made to keep the information provided up to date, but lapses may occur from time to time.

Nov 8 - Nov 10


Nov 1: "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. Chapter 4 reading and responses are due Monday, Nov. 15.
If you'd like to read ahead, you can preview each chapter online by clinking on the LA Times link at the left of this page, then clicking on "The Call of the Wild" link.


6.3 Check Your Understanding questions #1-4
6.4 Check Your Understanding questions #1-5


Alphabet Photography due Thursday, November 18.


Unit 2: Posing and answering questions, negation using ne… pas and ne… jamais, Etre

Important Events/Other

Nov 10: Rememberance Day assembly
Nov 11: Rememberance Day (no school)
Nov 12: No school
Nov 19: I day

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